Indecisive Rye IPA|7.0%  ABV

With cascade, centennial, summit, and a over 5lbs. of citra hops, this IPa is slightly bitter with more of a focus on aroma and mouth feel. it is fruity, with a dry bite from the carbonation and finishes with a balancing rye Spiciness.

That Boy Belgian Rye Pale Ale|6.0% ABV

This clean and crisp pale ale features a slight stone fruit flavor up front with a rye bread like spice on the back, but finishes dry with a Belgian Yeast characteristic (reminiscent of bubblegum.

Intermezzo Belgian Dubbel|8.0%  ABV

Dark Caramel, orange, and slight pepper from dryness, this dubbel has a full body mouth feel, yet clean finish. It's name may mean middle, but it is anything but that.   

Table Side Confessions Belgian Tripel|9.0%  ABV

With Dominant flavors of orange, orange zest, and a slight banana back note, this tripel finishes dry, which lends to a slight peppery taste. This interaction of flavors makes you forget the alcohol, but not the flavor.   

Denouement Belgian Quad|8.5%  ABV

Complex with flavors of raisin, chocolate, dark fruits, and even pepper, this beer is not a power house in abv, but the taste will keep you coming back.

Troublesome Blackberry Jam Fruited Stout|6.4%  ABV

Black as Motor oil, but sweet as jam, this stout showcases a noticeable dark roasted flavor with hop bitterness and a sweeter blackberry mouth feel. It is a bitter dark chocolate bar with fruit. Enjoy!

Farmor Russian Imperial Stout|8% ABV

This stout is thick and rich. It tastes like roasted chocolate with a rounded fruitiness from the yeast and still maintains a piney hop flavor and aroma. Farmor is not your grandmother's beer. 

City Hands Belgian session IPa w/Grapefruit|3.9%  ABV

A session ipa can have full flavor and bitterness just like the higher alcohol counterparts. What truly makes this beer unique is the use of Belgian yeast, which imparts a slightly tart yet dry finish. We added 7 different types of hops, mostly for aroma. This ipa will be a blend of grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, and lime. Refreshing and clean.

That Time of the Month Imperial Chocolate Stout|8.5% ABV

Brewed with cocoa puffs cereal; you may just go cuckoo for them! This libation is thick, rich, and delicious. To amp up the chocolate profile we add cacao husks and cacao nibs. A celebration of all things chocolate, it might just sooth what ales you any time of the month. 

Kate Beckon's Ale|5.8% ABV

Slowly But Safety Wheat Ale|5.5% ABV




Conundrum Saison

Fruity Spicy Belgian IPA

That Time of the Month Chocolate Imperial Stout

Bookstore ESB

Last Campout S’mores Stout

Fig and Fennel Biere de Garde

Sweet Potato Ale

Cardamom Bread Witbeir